Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pacify Me GIVEAWAY!!!

I am having my first GIVEAWAY for my Pacify Me store on Etsy!

Pacify Me carries the most fashionable pacifier clips! There is a wide variety of prints to choose from, definitely something for everyone! My pacifier clips are high quality, durable, fashion forward and can be used as more than just a pacifier clip! I also offer MAM (button) adapters as optional add-ons. You can also purchase a separate suspender clip to turn the clip into a bib clip! These clips are sure to grab attention in all the right ways.

So what am I giving away?
I am giving away THREE pacifier clips from my store, YOUR CHOICE! You read it right, the winner gets to choose any THREE clips from my store! And there's a bonus, you can choose an additional add-on for free! I will include either 1 MAM adapter OR 1 suspender clip.

So how do you enter?
Mandatory Entry

1. Head to my store www.pacifyme.etsy.com, and tell me which pacifier clip is your favorite!

Additional Entry (You must leave separate comments for each entry)

2. Become a FAN of Bows For Baby on Facebook. (My main store is Bows For Baby, but I have also incorporated Pacify Me into updates and pictures)
3. Follow my blog!
4. Blog about this giveaway! Make sure to leave the link of your blog post in your comment.
6. Tweet about this giveaway! Remember to leave me a link to your Tweet!
7. 10 entries if you buy something from either Pacify Me OR Bows For Baby!


Contest will end November 30, 2009

Below are just some EXAMPLES of the type of clips and prints I have! There are many more in my shop!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm having issues...

I've been wanting an SLR camera for a while. But now I've really started to look at and compare them. I take a lot of pictures. Between taking pictures for my stores, my daughter, get togethers and random scenery, my point and shoot is constantly going. I love taking pictures and then seeing them upload onto my laptop. I love getting great pictures of my daughter because she will carry them with her for the rest of her life. I know I either want a Nikon or Canon. The Nikon D3000 is a great camera, but so is the Canon Rebel XSI. DECISIONS! I've already talked to Eric about it, and he said I could get it as my Christmas present under one stipulation. I have to camping with him. Not my kind of camping (a 5 star hotel), but his kind of camping (out in the wilderness with no running water, toilets or electricity). So I've been hesitating on getting one. Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband. But he's crazy. He knew that I was not a camping kind of woman before we got married. And he was fine with that. So now, he's BLACKMAILING me. Turd. And I really, REALLY want one of these cameras. I mean, covet with all of my being. (I'm a sinner, I've already come to terms with this.) The no electricity, running water and no toilet doesn't deter me as much as the MOSQUITOES. Yes, you read it correctly. I am scared breathless of mosquitoes. Want to know why? Because I'm allergic to them. I can see you scoffing right now and saying, "She is so full of B.S. No one is allergic to mosquitoes!" But I tell you, I am. When most people get bit, they get some small swellage and it itches of a couple of days. Not me. When I get but, it swells to the size of a quarter, at minimum, and then itches for two weeks straight. I swear I am not being a drama queen. I am also allergic to bees, deer flies, horse flies, and anything that bites and leaves venom. I have been diagnosed. Eric had to take me to the ER the first summer we were here because I had a huge swellage on my thigh with the circumference of a football that was raised, hot, and itched like a BIATCH. The ER doctor took a look at it and gasped. Yes, gasped. Then he drew a circle around it and said that if it got any bigger, to come back IMMEDIATELY. So, I tell you, I am allergic to all things that bite. So is spending the night in the wild wilderness getting eaten alive worth a fabulous new camera? The jury is still out on this one. What I may do is tell Eric we will go look at the beautiful wilderness, but I am not camping. We can stay in a hotel and go day exploring. Or I may just pout and he will be a puddle at my feet. :)

But I think that I am going to get my dream camera. But which one? Nikon or Canon? Leave your thoughts. I have had the majority of my friends say Canon and I am almost in agreement with them. I have a Canon ELPH and love it. But Nikon seems to make a pretty decent SLR as well. So, HELP!