Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't Hate Cause We're Military

So I was sitting in class today, and before it started I overheard a conversation that kind of got my blood boiling. This girl was talking to an older classmate (and when I say older, I mean about 55) about her high school and how she opened the door to this school that was supposed to be a school for intelligent kids. It was some sort of magnet school. Anyways, the older lady was saying that she tried to get her kids into that school, but they didn't get in because of a military family. Apparently, the dean admitted both the kids from the military family and didn't admit this ladies children. Her point of view was that her kids should have been admitted over the military children because her kids were permanent residents. Her kids were the ones that were going to be contributing to the state when they graduated. So basically, the military kids didn't deserve to be admitted because they were going to be moving. Ok. So here's my point of view. When my kids get older and they have a chance to attend a great school, I sure as hell want them to go there! So what if we're military, I still want the best for my kids, especially when it comes to education. Every kid should be treated equally, they're all going to be contributing to the future of this country. It just made me so upset that she would discriminate againstmilitary because they moved. Sorry if our husbands and our kids dads are defending your freedom.

On to a more positive note.

I made homemade pizza tonight. And it was delicious! Eric is a picky eater, so eating pizza is a big ordeal. We usually have to either order two or get half and half. It's a pain. Anyways. I went out and bought the Pillsbury dough in the can, cheese and toppings. I made a hamburger, olive and mushroom pizza. It was the best! Brooke loved it too. She eats all of the olives off. Throughout the whole meal she was shouting, "MMM!!!! PIZZA!!!!"

Tomorrow I'm doing a playgroup with a couple of friends. We're going onto base to check out a public one. It should be a lot of fun.

I took some new pictures of the Sesame Street clips, and they look a lot better.

And then I made another hat, a pattern I've done before, but didn't like it with the acrylic yarn. I tried it with the cotton yarn and it came out so cute. I think I'm going to make a bow to go with it and list it as a bow and beanie.

Ok, off to do puzzles!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sick toddlers are so pathetic :(

Brooke has a cold. Another one. It seems like she just got over one and now her nose is runny, she's sneezing and coughing. Poor baby. She didn't nap very well today at daycare, so she's uber cranky and that means early bedtime.

Brooke HATES my baths. I don't know why my baths aren't fun, maybe she's just used too used daddy baths. :( I feel bad. She has so much hair, and I'm kind of a good hygene freak so I really scrub her down. She really hates it.

I have TWO big papers to write this weekend. Both are 6 pages and one is due Monday and the other is due Tuesday. It's hard to get back into the groove and try and whip out two papers when your mind just isn't there. Yikes.

This weekend it's muh birfday! SO, for my birthday, I am going to be offering 15% off everything in my store!!! AND free shipping on orders over $20! I can't believe I'm going to be 26. I know I've beaten this dead horse once before, but I'm getting so old. And it seems like I'm getting older faster because Brooke makes the time go buy so quick. Next year, right after Eric gets home, I'll be 27!!!!! Damn.

I read a post by other Cafe Etsy Mom who is also a hair bow. She had found these Sesame Street hair binders in the dollar section of Target. By accident the little sesame street heads started coming off, so she had the idea to attach them to clips and sell them! I know I'm bad, I but I had to "borrow" her idea. I searched Etsy to see if she was the only one, but she wasn't so I didn't fel so bad. I hope she doesn't get mad at me. One of the liners ended up being the same color as hers, and I didn't mean to do that. I couldn't remember what colors she had used so one ended up like hers. Ooops. Sorry!

Alright. I should get going!!!! Lots to do tonight!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...

So. Eric has been gone for 5 days and I'm gettin back in the groove. Although I will admit, I'm already burnt out. I have had to do a lot of catchup with school so it's been rush, rush, study study. I also had a couple of Etsy orders to fill, so I had to make those up and get those mailed as well.

Last Friday I got to spend time with some great friends. We went to the mall and tooled around there for a few hours, then that evening we all went to go see a movie. It was exactly what I needed and those girls are the kind of people I like to spend time with...So thanks girls!!!

This weekend is my 26th birthday. Can you say "HOLY CRAP?!" It's closer to 30 than 20, so I'm freaking out a bit. Ugh. 26. ::sigh:: I'm going out to eat with friends that night, so that should be a good time. :) I will need a break after trying to throw two papers together that I am so not motivated to write.

I registered for summer classes but am confused on how to pay for them. What I understand is that financial aid will pay for them if you have left over aid from the fall and spring semesters. I don't think I do. So I don't know. I had money set aside for classes just in case, but then Eric needed $ and my "therapy" seemed to depleat it down to...well...nothing. So I will have to talk to FA to see what's up. It would be really nice if they could take it out of next years FA, but I don't think they can. As of right now I am signed up for math and a technical writing class. I was hoping to get my science out of the way, but apparently they don't have chemistry available in the summers.

My daughter is both driving me NUTS and making me so proud. The nuts part is that she has turned into a hair puller. I mean a...if you take my toy I am taking you down to the floor by your hair hair puller. Ugh. And the bad thing is, she never shows any sort of physical aggression towards me, so I can't discipline her. The only thing she does to me is talk back. So yeah. And, don't judge me, but I am the parent that if she pulls my hair, I'll pull her hair right back (not to hurt her ofcourse, just enough to stun her). At least shes not a biter. Ha. But she makes me SO PROUD. She can count to 10!!! That's the latest on her achievements. :) We'll trade off numbers and she sounds SO cute. We're working on her letters and colors. Every color is either blue or green, but she can point to the correct color when you ask her. Same with her letters. All of the letters are B, but she can differentiate between most of them. We'll keep working on it.

I made another custom order for a repeat customer. She liked her order so much she came back and ordered 2 more bows and another beanie in another color.

I also wanted to try the Lion Brand Cotton East yarn so I bought a skein and made two hats with the same design in two different sizes. I think they turned out so cute! I have them listed. :)

Thank god for my crafts because they keep me busy in down time, and my mind off my troubles...

Alright. I'm done. Haha.