Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've gotten my sanity back...

Sort of. The in-laws are back in MN and I must admit, I miss Eric's mom. She is so sweet and I love having her around.

I didn't get much hair bow making done, but I did learn a new crafty hobby, crocheting! Golly I'm an old lady. I have been wanting to learn for a while now, and Eric's mom Marianne is very talented when it comes to crocheting and knitting, so I had her teach me when she was here! I've been obsessed! I bought a couple of mary-jane patterns off of Etsy, but each time I try them, something get's screwed up. I opened a new shop, but haven't listed anything yet. I named my shop HookHere. I have a granny square hat I may post, and I'm working on another one right now. I hope I can get a few things done before I go back to school. It's a lot of fun, and I can spend time with the family but still create things. =) I will write more later, but I have to get crackin on New Years Eve plans. I hope eveyone has a safe and fun night and I will talk to you all next year!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Will be away for a bit...

So, the PIL are enroute here...and they are sleeping in my craft room, therefore I have decided to put my store in vacation mode. This also means that I will not be updating my blog much since I will be busy playing gracious host and not being able to make more bows. =)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A couple more mini korkers!

So I made a couple more mini korkers. I think they're really cute, but they're not getting any views on Etsy. :( They are so versatile. You can use them in pigtails and they're small enough to use to hold whispies back.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some cute new things!

So since I have a few weeks off, I've been working on some bows. I whipped a couple up when the Vikes kicked the Cardinals arses this afternoon. I have been wanting to make more of the loopy flower bows to go with the kufi crochet beanie caps, because the last batch sold so well. So I came up with a black and red one.

And then I wanted to make some more mini korker sets, because the large korkers drive me batty. I can never seem to get them right, but the mini ones always turn out so cute. I had sold a ladybug set back in October and wanted to relist it.

And I really love my sapphire colored korkers, so I made black and sapphire ones.
Thos will probably be listed tomorrow.

I don't know what else to make...I can make some "you choose" listings, but I want list some more creative listings. Any ideas???

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Congratulations to Foxytix!

I just want to congratulate Foxytix on winning my blog giveaway! Way to go!

Finals are finally done. Whoohoo! So far I've gotten an A in Sociology, that's the only grade that's posted. It feels so weird to be at home and not have any homework to do.

I have a few new listings up, you may want to go check those out. I'm very happy I've passed the 50 sales mark! I hope they keep going up. I had a listing that was very popular so I think I'm going to recreate it, but with different bows. I'll be sure to post pictures when I do. I also have a "choose your own" listing where there are 94 different clips you can choose to make a set.

I think I may also do one with pinwheel bows and pigtail bows. I have one up for ladybugs, but no one has taken a bite on that one.

So my question is, what would you guys like to see more of?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another sale??! WHA?!?!?!?!

In celebration of the semester ending and living through finals, I will be having a BOGO 1/2 sale tomorrow! (The second item being of equal or lesser value). And if you buy $25 or more, I will ship for free!

This semester has been very stressful here at the end, so I want to celebrate! Pass the word on!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This would be so great for when Eric deploys! is giving away an HP Photosmart A826 Photo Printer as part of their Three Gs For The Holidays event! Click on over right now to get in on fun giveaways, get shopping ideas from their Gift Guide, and learn how you can help children in need this holiday season!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shop Giveaway! Now through Dec 13!

I am doing my very FIRST shop giveaway!

I will be giving away the very popular Set of Three Bug Bows! I am ending this giveaway on the 13th so that it hopefully will get to you before Christmas! (No garuntees due to living in AK) =)

To enter:
Go to my Etsy shop:
Leave a comment here about my shop. It can be which item is your favorite, or what I can improve on, or even other items you'd like me to offer.
You may enter between now and December 13. I will draw a winner on Dec 14 and contact that person for their prize. I will ship the item as soon as I get the shipping information from the winner! If you have an Etsy shop I will do a promotion of that shop in my blog. Please spread the word!

Entry Form
Your Name:
Your Etsy Shop Link:
Your Email Address:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Procrastination is a Disease!

I should so be studying for my history final that's on Monday, but it's so boring I'm losing my mind! So instead I'm updating this. :)

My craft show was a BUST today. I couldn't believe it. I thought it would be great because there seemed to be a lot of advertising and it was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Eagle River. HA! What a joke. I barely made back my booth fee.

So now, I think I'm going to just list some really GREAT deals on Etsy. :) I have a whole box full of the crochet kufi beanies and crochet headbands are coming out of my ears. Look for deals in my shop coming soon! I am also going to be posting these wonderful clippies soon as well.

I received my SplatMat from Jenn today (JazzyJemz). It is so wonderful! My husband thinks it's even greater than I do. :) This will save us from constantly having to rearrange the rug and have our dinner table slowely creep it's way out of place. It's so easy to clean and has so many different uses. Jenn's are priced very reasonably and she does WONDERFUL workmanship. She has some other wonderful creations in her store such as crayon rolls, nursing covers, diaper stackers, blankets, iSpy games, onsies, booties, holiday decor, and mama's helper clips.
Here is the mat underneath Brooke's booster chair.

Ok, I should be getting back to studying. Anyone want to come take this final for me? I'll give you a free bow! Haha

Friday, December 5, 2008

I LOVE Etsy!

Can I just tell you how much I love Etsy? My sales have been picking up and that makes me so happy!

A couple posts ago I wrote about a WONDERFUL Etsian SweetGracies. I had put an Alchemy up looking for Christmas stockings, and SweetGracies had replied that she wanted to send me a gift for my daughter as thanks for my husband serving. Her kindness and thoughtfulness touched my heart. I picked out a cute little cupcake apron set and I received it in the mail today! Along with the apron, she sent me some gourmet hot cocoa! We need more kind souls and hearts like Kathryn (SweetGracies) in the world. I want to post pictures of Brooke in her apron because she looks so sweet! Now she can help Grandma bake over the holidays in style!
Doesn't she look ADORABLE? You guys need to go check out her shop, she has a lot of WONDERFUL items for sale. She is VERY talented!

I have been working on getting ready for my craft show tomorrow. I have listing some new things, and the trio of bug bows have been selling like hotcakes! Everytime I relist them, they sell within a day or two. I also got a whole bunch of saddle stitch ribbon and plan on listing those tomorrow or so. I love the Christmas set of green and red clips.

Alright kids. Eric wants to watch a movie I bought him. We've been putting it off the past few nights because I've been studying, but he's getting cranky so I have to indulge him. I'll be gluing some clips while I watch it, multi-tasking seems to be constant in my life these days. =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Shop/ Banner Design

I blogged about it yesterday, but I wanted to show off the finished product! I put in a custom request for a shop package and chose a wonderful Etsian to do the job! I gave 5StarDesign certain colors to work from, and she turned them into something amazing! I guess my request inspired her to list a similar package in her shop, so you should go check her out and utilize her services! She is very attentive, listens to what you envision, sends over proofs and then tweaks whatever needs tweaking! I am kind of a detail oriented person, so I had her tweak and retweak, but in the end chose her original designs. She just knows what looks best! She has a lot more than just shop packages, so check out her shop and you won't be dissapointed! Also, if you would like to see more of her work, just check out her blog where you can browse many different projects shes completed!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Added a couple of new listings

I added a few new listings. I went simplier because it seems like people like the simple clips, so I'm trying to conform to the demand. I hope they sell well, because I could really use the ego boost. But I know there are a lot of people selling hair bows on Etsy, so there is a lot of competition, I just wish I could find my niche.

Here is a set of a simple clip and ladybug bow. I think they compliment each other nicely.
Listing in my shop.

Here is a set of three bold colored simple clips. I like the "wow" factor of the colors and I think they set each other off very nicely. Listing in my shop.

And finally, an adorable set of bug bows. There is a traditional ladybug, a bumblebee, and a brown with pink dots ladybug. This has a good color variety and make little girl's hair look so cute. Listing in my shop.

I will have some wonderful Etsy shops to blog about later. I had 5StarDesign make me a new Etsy shop banner, avatar and business card set. She has done a wonderful job and I can't wait to put them up! You can see some other graphics she's done by going to her blog.

I have also ordered custom Christmas stockings from DCMalecha and found her through Alchemy. I will post pictures as soon as they get to me!

While looking for someone to make my family stockings, a wonderful lady, SweetGracies, offered to send me something from her shop for my daughter. I took a look at all of her wonderful things and found this for Brooke. She will look so stinking cute helping Grandma bake when she comes to visit us over the holidays. When I get it, I will post pictures. You really should go check her shop out, she has some wonderful items!!!