Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Anchorage has been reaching record highs the past few days, and to tell you the truth, I'm over it. I don't think it would so bad if we had air conditioning in the housing, but seeing as we do not, I'm ready for cooler weather. Apparently the weather here is being talked about in the lower 48. The meteorologists are baffled as to why we're getting such warm weather. Phew. I lived in humid Louisiana for three years and was super excited when I moved here, because I knew that hot summers were in the past! Or not. My friend Jenn came back yesterday from Ohio and was happy to be coming back to cooler weather. Or not. It's supposed to start cooling down here in the next week or so, keep your fingers crossed!

School is...well, school. I like my English class because we never stay for the full time. The other day we were there for fifteen minutes, we're supposed to be in class for a full two hours. My math class on the other hand runs for the full two hours. I am overloaded with algebraic formulas by the time I leave, I leave with a headache. There's only a couple more weeks of class left, and then it's some good ol' down time. No school, no homework, just chillaxin time. :)

The parents-in-laws are coming up here on the 25th. They'll be here for about days, so that means I need to clean. I hate cleaning on my own. Eric usually does it, so I'm really dreading this. I mean, the house isn't too bad, I just need to declutter and organize my craft room (where they'll be sleeping), clean the bathrooms, Brooke's room and tidy up the living room. HEADACHE FORMING.

My kid is starting to chunk out a bit. I hope it's because she's about to hit a growth sport and not because she's eating too much. I know I don't overfeed her. Speaking of my child, she is fearless! And it shows. Literally. She has bruises and owwies up and down her legs because she's either constantly running into things, climbing up things or just plain being destructive. She tripped over her own feet in the Toys R' Us parking lot (thanks mom for those genes) and now has a huge scrap on her knee. It's a good thing I'm over prepared and had a first aid kit in my diaper bag. :) She also got a bug bite on her right eyelid, so her right eye is partially swollen shut (thanks again mom for the genes that make me extra sensitive to bug bites).

Alright. I should get going. I have a long night of DVR ahead of me!

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