Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm sitting in History with 10 minutes until class starts, we'll see how much I can can update.

I have so much homework to do this weekend, and now Eric has staff duty all day Saturday. Which is ridiculous because he just had it a couple of weeks ago. Retarded. So now I have to cram everything into this afternoon, all day tomorrow and Sunday. It wouldn't normally be a huge deal, but I have so much to do. I have a Sociology exam, study for my history mid-term, finish taking notes on chapter 6 and then take notes on all of chapter 7 for psychology and re-write my humanities paper completely. Sociology I can put off till later because it's not due until a week from today, and my history midterm isn't for another couple of weeks, but there's so many levels to it and she's such a tough grader that I have to make sure I'm completely thorough. Psychology takes the longest because there's so much to read and take notes on. And on top of that I'm entertaining doing a craft show in a couple of weeks. It's $50 to rent a booth, so I'm a little apprehensive. I think I would be able to make that back if there were the right people in attendance. I'm going to talk to Eric about it and see what he thinks. If I really put my mind into it, I could probably rake in about $300 which would be a nice chunk of change. I would really have to bare down and start making them though.

I started a journal for Brooke last night. I bought a journal yesterday and am going to write in it for her to read when she gets older. I think it will be neat for her to go back and read what was going on throughout her life. That way she can read it, remember bits and pieces and the journal should be able to fill in the blanks for her. I'm not much of a scrapper or baby booker so this will be a way for her to look into her childhood.

Alright, history class is starting, I should pay attention. :)

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