Monday, October 19, 2009

New ETSY Shop!

Just wanted to announce that...

I've opened up a new ETSY shop!

Pacify Me

This shop will carry pacifier clips. I love making them and I think they are so much cuter than the ones you can find at the store. They are made out of high quality grosgrain in a variety of different prints. They measure approximately 9-10 inches long, have a suspender clip at one end and a snap closure at the other. I also offer the MAM (button) adapters so you can use it with the button nuks!

I just ordered a whole bunch of adorable 7/8 ribbon in different prints. I only have a few listings right now, but I will be listing more over the next few days. Check back often for new prints and offers! If you have an Etsy store, make sure to heart me!!!

Thanks so much!!!

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