Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Post!

Well, I'm back. Kind of. I have another craft show in three and a half weeks and I need to restock.

I had a craft show last weekend. It went well enough. The morning was the worst morning I have had in a long time. Our babysitter was over an hour late. When I called her the night before, I let her know that it was PERTINENT that she be there at the specified time since Jenn and I had to get to our booth to set up. The next morning, no show. Didn't answer the phone either. So Jenn and I loaded up our kids and brought them to the fair while we set up our booth. An hour later the sitter calls. She says her alarm didn't go off. When Jenn and I had finished, I drove the girls back to my house and dropped them off. I went back, and no sooner did I set down at my booth did a lady knock down one of my displays resulting in spilled coffee over the rest of my inventory. RUINED. All of my beanies, ruined. In lieu of all the drama, I made out okay. I now know what to restock for my next show, so I have to get busy.

One of the items that sold really well were pacifier clips. I have finally got the art down and I think they turn out really cute. :) I ordered MAM (button) adapters. Those things are expensive! But, they are super cute, don't you think?

I had a busy week in school last week. I had three tests and a paper that was due. I did well on two of my tests (haven't gotten the third one back yet). I don't know how I did on my paper, we get that back tomorrow. Coming up I have two papers to write and a research paper to start. I also have some custom orders to get done, and I got another order off Art Fire this morning and need to make the second half of the order. I think I'll do that this afternoon while my daughter is at daycare.

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Penelope Anne said...

GIRLFRIEND! Ive been missing ya! Im glad the show went well, I love doing shows! The pacy clips look GREAT and with the addition of the mam adapter - who could ask for more! GREAT JOB! I hope your other show runs smoother! XOXO