Saturday, March 14, 2009

The end of spring break...

It came way too soon. I have had so much fun this week hanging out with my daughters and spending time with my friends. I haven not done my homework and am kicking my self because now I have to cram it all in the next couple of days. My daycare had the sickies on Thursday, so I had to keep Brooke home. There went six good hours of homework time. :(

Last night I went to a wonderful get together with some friends. It was a pajama party full of toddlers, food and Rock Band on Wii. I tried the drums and really stunk. Its hard! Tomorrow I'm doing a brunch with the same friends at iHop. It should be a good time.

I've been on a bootie kick lately. I am trying to build inventory for the upcoming craft shows this spring, summer, and fall. I am listing them on Artfire and Etsy and if they don't sell, I'll suspend them to take to the craft shows and if they don't sell at the shows, then I'll relist them. I don't know how many I should whip up, but the double strap booties (below) are a lot faster to make. The loafers are super cute, but I have three other patterns like this that require you make two soles, then sew them together and make the body of the bootie from there. It's really time consuming and you have to match the size of the soles perfectly or else they don't sit right. Maybe if I get faster they won't seem so time consuming. For now I'm just going to play around with different color combinations for the double strap. I need to make up some boy booties next.

I am now contributing to the Artfire Cafemom Team Blog. I wrote the last post on St Patrick's Day. There are a lot of talented crafters in our guild on Artfire. To check out the variety of items, go to Artfire and search for "Artfire Cafemom Team." There are pages and pages of listings from our guild crafters.

I really like Artfire and would eventually like to completely switch everything over to their site, but it just doesn't have the same traffic as Etsy does. I have so many sales on Etsy as well so my reputation and feedback is lost as well. Maybe once the traffic picks up I'll be able to redirect everyone over to my Artfire shop.

That's my new Artfire banner, do you like it? I love it because it matches my Etsy banners so they look great in my Cafemom signature.

Brooke and I got to talk to Eric on web cam the other day. It was really nice to see him for those few minutes. Brooke was all about talking to daddy and she didn't seem too confused on why daddy was on the computer. She kept pointing to things on his face and naming them. It was too cute. It was good to see his face after three weeks and to see for myself he was ok. I haven't heard from him in a couple of days, I'm guess their internet is down. Their phone lines have been down so I haven't been able to hear his voice. It's been hard. I've had a couple of those days where I just feel blah. But then I get a hug from my daughter and I'm strong once more.

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Jazzy Jemz said...

SOO happy you got to talk to Eric. Yay for booties. I love artfire too and thanks for posting all Green for St Patricks day. hehe to remembering you drumming on Rock Band. IHOP Tomorrow!