Saturday, August 29, 2009

My child saved me $50 today

We need a chest deep freezer. The side x side fridge/freezer has practically no freezer so I need to get a deep freeze because I buy my meat in bulk. Anyways, I found one at Sears but I didn't feel like driving out Sears to get it, plus it was $75 to get it delivered. So I called Best Buy and they said they would match the price and delivery was only $30. So out Brooke and I went! I found the person who was working in appliances and it turned out that the model Sears had and the one Best Buy had were not the same brand. So the girl calls her manager. And the manager said to price match it anyways. His words, "Don't make her drive out to Sears." Score. But it gets better. While I'm talking to the sales girl, Brooke is turning on the charm with the manager and he was impressed that Brooke knew how to "pound it" (fist bump). So then I though, "Well if he thinks THAT is cute..." and I held up my fingers and asked Brooke what they were. "Phalanges." The manager was so impressed he told the sales associate to take off another $25 (making it a $50 savings) because Brooke was so cute.

See, they earn their keep. :)

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Penelope Anne said...

ROF!!!!! That is FABULOUS!!!!