Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunny Morning

Brooke and I had a wonderful morning. We woke up around 8:30 or so and had a delicious breakfast of over medium eggs and sausage. Then Brooke got to watch one of her shows while I got ready for the day. After that we went to the park but were there for a very short time since she decided to poop her pants. Oh Brooke. So we walked home, I changed her then she rode around the neighborhood on her super spiffy bike. She's getting a lot better at steering her bike where she wants it to go. Sometimes she has issues and has to redirect her bike the hard way, but for the most part she's getting down steering in the direction she wants to go.

A while back I was contacted by a fellow Etsian who stumbled upon my blog. She told me that she makes baby, toddler, and childrens boutique clothing. She commented on my daughter and thought she would be a cute model for one of her outfits. I thought this was a wonderful idea. Before our move, I got her cute little outfit in the mail. Since we finally got our internet hooked up, I was able to take pictures of Brooke in the outfit and it turned out super adorable. Renee owns CandyStickLane on Etsy and carries a whole bunch of adorable outfits for little girls and boys. The outfit that Renee sent me was the Layer Cake Skirt and Matching Tee. Be sure to check out her super adorable shop!

Here is Brooke modeling the outfit with a hair bow I made to match.

It is super sunny out today, so the sun was in her eyes, hence the super squinty asian eyes. :) But even squinty, she's super adorable! Thanks again Renee!


Penelope Anne said...

YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!! The pictures are awesome! Im going to put them in the shop right this second! XO

Little Ladybugs said...

Your little girl is so cute. That outfit is adorable...I am going to check out her site!!! I have two girls and love finding new stuff for them... Have a great weekend