Friday, December 5, 2008

I LOVE Etsy!

Can I just tell you how much I love Etsy? My sales have been picking up and that makes me so happy!

A couple posts ago I wrote about a WONDERFUL Etsian SweetGracies. I had put an Alchemy up looking for Christmas stockings, and SweetGracies had replied that she wanted to send me a gift for my daughter as thanks for my husband serving. Her kindness and thoughtfulness touched my heart. I picked out a cute little cupcake apron set and I received it in the mail today! Along with the apron, she sent me some gourmet hot cocoa! We need more kind souls and hearts like Kathryn (SweetGracies) in the world. I want to post pictures of Brooke in her apron because she looks so sweet! Now she can help Grandma bake over the holidays in style!
Doesn't she look ADORABLE? You guys need to go check out her shop, she has a lot of WONDERFUL items for sale. She is VERY talented!

I have been working on getting ready for my craft show tomorrow. I have listing some new things, and the trio of bug bows have been selling like hotcakes! Everytime I relist them, they sell within a day or two. I also got a whole bunch of saddle stitch ribbon and plan on listing those tomorrow or so. I love the Christmas set of green and red clips.

Alright kids. Eric wants to watch a movie I bought him. We've been putting it off the past few nights because I've been studying, but he's getting cranky so I have to indulge him. I'll be gluing some clips while I watch it, multi-tasking seems to be constant in my life these days. =)

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