Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shop Giveaway! Now through Dec 13!

I am doing my very FIRST shop giveaway!

I will be giving away the very popular Set of Three Bug Bows! I am ending this giveaway on the 13th so that it hopefully will get to you before Christmas! (No garuntees due to living in AK) =)

To enter:
Go to my Etsy shop:
Leave a comment here about my shop. It can be which item is your favorite, or what I can improve on, or even other items you'd like me to offer.
You may enter between now and December 13. I will draw a winner on Dec 14 and contact that person for their prize. I will ship the item as soon as I get the shipping information from the winner! If you have an Etsy shop I will do a promotion of that shop in my blog. Please spread the word!

Entry Form
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foytix said...

Your Name:Tami F
Your Etsy Shop Link: N/A
Your Email
Comment: All of your stuff is absolutely adorable! My dd has finally started to get enough hair for bows...I can't wait to start buying :)

Digital Misfit said...

awww this beanie with bow is too cute!

The only suggestion I have for your shop is to perhaps try photographing the bows on a background of pretty scrapbook paper instead of the solid plain white or the carpet. It will have more of a boutique look.

Happy Holidays!

Sara said...


I love your items! I am sending a link to your shop to all my friends with babies they will love them!

Good Luck and thanks for the giveaway!

Jazzy Jemz said...

Your Name: Jenn
Your Etsy Shop
Your Email Address:
Comment: I love the turkey bows. I love the double stack pink and brown bows and of course the beenies!

Suggestion: do more craft shows with me! hehe- or invest in a bow tree- a spinner that you can put your bows on at the craft show so that it is at eye level and ppl don't have to look down on the table.

Jackie G said...

Name: Jackie G
Etsy Shop:
E-mail address:
Comment: OMG...I LOVE your bows!! They are so adorable!! I think this is my favorite thing in your shop...especially your model...too cute!!!

Yellowhead said...

Your Name:Jennifer G
Your Etsy Shop Link: N/A
Your Email Address:
Comment: Your bows are VERY well made - quality I feel comfortable giving as gifts (and I am picky!) I agree with the previous post that pictures of the bows on a sheet of paper would look nicer, more boutique than the carpet background. I also suggest that you offer more "pick your own" deals ... ie. pick any 6 bows for $x. You are one of my 'favorites' on Etsy and I keep checking back to see if you're doing custom orders again. If you do customs in the future, it would be nice to have a photo display of all your bow colors/styles/patterns.

Eddy G. said...

Name: Eddy G
no Etsy shop

This is not a cop out; I seriously do love those buggy bows. especially the ladybird one. I think you could probably do a whole series of zodiac clippies. Make great birthday presents