Saturday, December 6, 2008

Procrastination is a Disease!

I should so be studying for my history final that's on Monday, but it's so boring I'm losing my mind! So instead I'm updating this. :)

My craft show was a BUST today. I couldn't believe it. I thought it would be great because there seemed to be a lot of advertising and it was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Eagle River. HA! What a joke. I barely made back my booth fee.

So now, I think I'm going to just list some really GREAT deals on Etsy. :) I have a whole box full of the crochet kufi beanies and crochet headbands are coming out of my ears. Look for deals in my shop coming soon! I am also going to be posting these wonderful clippies soon as well.

I received my SplatMat from Jenn today (JazzyJemz). It is so wonderful! My husband thinks it's even greater than I do. :) This will save us from constantly having to rearrange the rug and have our dinner table slowely creep it's way out of place. It's so easy to clean and has so many different uses. Jenn's are priced very reasonably and she does WONDERFUL workmanship. She has some other wonderful creations in her store such as crayon rolls, nursing covers, diaper stackers, blankets, iSpy games, onsies, booties, holiday decor, and mama's helper clips.
Here is the mat underneath Brooke's booster chair.

Ok, I should be getting back to studying. Anyone want to come take this final for me? I'll give you a free bow! Haha


Jazzy Jemz said...

No way to taking the final for ya. Good luck ! Thanks for doing a bust of a craft show with me. Glad you love your splat mat :)

Eddy G. said...

c'mon babe, If you do one hour un-interupted study then you can craft one item. That way everything gets done. (wish I could stick to it myself LOL)