Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some cute new things!

So since I have a few weeks off, I've been working on some bows. I whipped a couple up when the Vikes kicked the Cardinals arses this afternoon. I have been wanting to make more of the loopy flower bows to go with the kufi crochet beanie caps, because the last batch sold so well. So I came up with a black and red one.

And then I wanted to make some more mini korker sets, because the large korkers drive me batty. I can never seem to get them right, but the mini ones always turn out so cute. I had sold a ladybug set back in October and wanted to relist it.

And I really love my sapphire colored korkers, so I made black and sapphire ones.
Thos will probably be listed tomorrow.

I don't know what else to make...I can make some "you choose" listings, but I want list some more creative listings. Any ideas???

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