Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quit stealing my life!

I have three more days of school. That means three days of finals. Gah! I have been studying my little tail off and hardly feel prepared. Most of it is my Juvenile Delinquency class. You know how most normal teachers test their students every few chapter throughout the semester? Nope. Not this one. Our final is on THE ENTIRE TEXT! All fourteen long chapters. So I have been studying my arse off for the past few days ('cuz he only gave us a study guide last Thursday) and I am so overwhelmed. Hopefully he'll realize what a pain this is and let us use our notes, then I'd be set. I have Lifespan Development terms and Juvenile Delinquency terms intertwining in my brain and it's getting me all muddled.

My dad is here! He got in last Wednesday. He got in the day before Brooke's 2nd birthday. The next day I had Brooke's party. We had it at House of Bounce. It's a place full of inflatable jumping apparatuses. Brooke had a blast (as you can see in the third picture). We had a great turn out and everyone had a lot of fun. My dad enjoyed meeting all my friends and they enjoyed meeting him as well. One of Brooke's little friends really took to my dad. It was super cute.

Apparently the twos bring very annoying stages. The latest one is, "Mommy...mommy...mommy ...mommy...mommy...mommy..." I think you get the point. And when you respond to her, she just gives you think blank stare. It's wonderful. :) You know what else is wonderful? Your kid finally going to sleep at 10 P.M. and then waking up bright and early at 7 A.M. WONDERFUL. I think lack of sleep is making me unusually sarcastic. :)

I listed some economy friendly booties! I mean, with the economy being so crappy right now and people still wanting their babies to look adorable, why not give back a little? These booties are super cute and very fashion forward and a steal! They are super lightweight for the summer coming up and are kick proof because of the ribbon. :) I honestly can't wait to have another little one so I can cover them in my crocheted items. Hahaha!

Someone wants to live my life. It's actually very irritating. I had taken pity on a mom when I lived in Louisiana. She was a new army wife and was clueless as to what the army life was like. So I befriended the girl and added her as a friend on Cafemom. Well, we move to Alaska and we stop talking, or she stops asking for advice. I didn't take her off my friends list either. A few months back I noticed that she had a baby girl and named her Brooke. Now, I know this may not seem very serious, but when we were talking (before she had her daughter) she gushed on and on about how cute my daughter's name was and blah blah. So it surprised me to all of a sudden see her newborn daughter's name was Brooke. I let it go. No big deal. We weren't even in the same state anymore. So yesterday I was browsing my friends profiles and came upon hers. I was scrolling down and read her blurb about her, and this is what I read (note the part in bold and in red),

"Hi,I am 23 year old I am a mother of 2 boys.Married to the love of my life who made me a Army wife.I am a SAHM .My older is walking and runing and jumping and my little one is stand and walk all by himself.He is also climb all over everything.I get along better with boys than girls. They cause too much drama.I am pregnancy with baby # 3 now!"

Ok, now this is MY about me, note the part in bold and in red,

"Brooke Anne was born April 23, 2007 and is absolutely perfect! I'm a Minnesotan to the core. I get bored easily and hate petty people. I'm blunt, comical, outgoing, over analytical, anal retentive, over achiever, perfectionist, a movie buff, I love to read and I get along better with boys than girls. They cause too much drama. I'm a hardcore Vikings fan and love the Wild. I could eat Korean food everyday and my new obsession is making hair bows! I love to travel. I love meeting new people. I make mistakes, but never make the same one twice."

Ok, so now you may say, "Well, it's simply a coincidence." Take a look at her grammar and my grammar. HUGE difference. My statement doesn't even FLOW with her statement, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Ugh. This is so irritating. I know it's only two lines, but they're mine. It irritates me that people steal other people's words.

Anyways. I had to rant.

Ok. I have to go shower then fed my kid. Then go take an excruciating final. Yay! (NOT!)

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Jazzy Jemz said...

Good luck on your final. Love the photo of Brooke up there- what a face!

Yeah, that woman needs to find her own identity- seperate from yours.