Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday = 4 day weekend!

I have two weeks of school left before finals. This semester flew by. Eric left in the middle of it, so maybe that's why. I registered for classes on Tuesday. It took me two hours to figure out my schedule and what classes in wanted/needed to take. It's hard to block your schedule a certain way. I try and schedule all my classes in the morning so that I have time to study in the afternoon while Brooke is sleeping. Two days out of the week I keep Brooke at daycare for a full day, just so I have a few hours to get homework done. It's impossible to get anything accomplished when she's awake. This summer I'm taking two classes. I'm taking an English class and math class. In the fall I'm taking math, intro to logic, another English, and history. Wow. I'm kind of rethinking the history. Its funny. I think it took me so long to pick my classes because I choose my professors from Funny and neurotic I know, but I don't want to end up with a biased/unfair teacher. I did the same thing when I registered for these spring classes, and so far they are spot on. We'll see. I have to do fall semester with Eric gone for the whole thing, so hopefully I won't be too overwhelmed.

I'm having a couple friends over tonight. Every weekend a couple friends and I get together to just hang out. It's nice because my friend Jenn's husband is deployed as well, so this gives us time to socialize and just take our minds of things while our daughter's play. Tonight it's my night to host, so I'm making this garlic, vegetable, shrimp pasta dinner with caesar salad. I've never made it before, so if we die...Happy thoughts!

I felt my first earthquake the other day. I was sitting in one of my classes and all of a sudden it felt like someone had just kicked the back of my chair really hard. I asked the girl next to me if she had felt it, and she had. She then confirmed that it was in fact and earthquake. YIKES. So not only do we have volcanoes erupting, we have the earth shifting. And if the earth shifts in the ocean close enough to the shoreline, we could have a tsunami. NEXT PLEASE!

Brooke is really starting to talk. She was talking before, but now she's starting to put sentences together. Her cognitive abilities are growing too. She has this tendency to put things in her mouth (I blame that on her dad's genetics as well) so she'll often pluck her hair bows out of her hair and stick them in her mouth when I let her watch a show. I notice, tell her not to do it, but she'll keep doing it. Finally I just turn the t.v. off and tell her why I did it. Well, she's two, so she pitches a fit. About a minute later I ask her if she knew why I turned the T.V. off and she replies, "Hair bow. Mouth." That's pretty dang good for a two year old. :) Anyways, Brooke has her favorite sentences like, "Uh-oh! I messy!" She loves, "Uh-oh!" and usually proceeds to add something else to it like, "I messy!" or "I drop!", or "Help! I stuck!" It's hard to keep a straight face and be serious because her face is so expressive.

I made this chicken stir-fry the other night, and I had to take pictures of Brooke eating because she was too comical. She LOVES noodles, especially the long noodley kind. She slurps them right up and doesn't even bother chewing. I blame that on her father's genetics. :) Brooke is a VERY good eater and isn't too picky.

This is her getting frustrated because the noodles weren't staying on her fork...

She's pouting because I wouldn't let her have any of my pop.

"Oh-oh mommy! Hands messy!"

"I've gone cross-eyed looking at my cuppo."

Brooke in the sweater grandma knit for her

The view from our balcony

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Jazzy Jemz said...

Yay for 4 day weekends!!! Yay for friends! Yay for not having to cook so much!