Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boohiss to Today

Dinner was a horrible disappointment tonight. I had gone to the grocery store earlier and picked up a filet of halibut and two ears of corn for dinner. I was really looking forward to dinner. When I started preparing dinner, I took the halibut out of the packaging to cut it up for fish nuggets. Man was I surprised to find that the skin was still attached! Rolling my eyes I went to work trying to cut off the skin the best I could. Don't get me wrong, I love seafood and meat, as long as I don't have any reminders that it was a living thing at one time. The skin on the fish gave me the heeby jeebiez. I was about half way through de-skinning the fish when I notice this little thing on the sruface of the fish. I took my knife and scrapped it off. When I transfered it from the knife to the cutting board, I took a closer look. It. Started. To. Move. Holy heck. The thing started curling up on its self and it literally looked like a baby worm. That was it. The fish was done for me. I scooped the whole thing up, threw it in a plastic bag, sealed it, and threw it in the garbage. But I kept an optimistic mind cause hey! We still had corn on the cob! So I whip out the trusty dusty turkey dogs and get the corn boiling. More dissapointment. The corn was not good. The kernals were tough and yuck. And don't question my corn making skills. Trust me. I have them. But the corn didn't seem to bother Brooke. She's grubbing away on her cob. ::Sigh::

Before I hit the grocery store today, I stopped at Old Navy because they were having their $1 flip flop sale. I went there around noon which was a gamble. I know how some people are and I was sure they would be horribly picked over. I was right. There were literally about 20 pairs left on the shelf. They were all size 5 and 6. There were two pairs of 7's left in this light tannish brown color. I grabbed them. Then I thought I would humor myself and see if size six would work. They did! But just barely. But the $1 price tag was worth it. I got a brown pair and hot pink pair. They aren't too small where my foot is hanging over the edge, my foot is right at the edge. Ha! Oh well. They were $1. I also got this really cute skirt in green. I thought it would look really cute paired with a black t-shirt. I'm excited for it!

Other than that, not a lot going on here. It's Memorial Day weekend so we're just staying low key. We'll probably go spend time with friends tomorrow and then on Tuesday I'm helping my friend move into her fabulous new house. I really hate moving, but I like her, so I can suck it up and be a friend. :) Plus I love her new house so it's a win win situation.

I've been reading a new vampire series. Nerd alert. That's me. It's The House of Night series written by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. It's considered young adult, but I enjoy them. They ready fairly fast, and I've been getting through one book in about a day and a half. I am on the last book right now. Apparently there are eight books in the series, but only 5 are published. I'll be waiting for the last three. The next one is due out this October. I hate being patient.

I made another toddler slouch beanie. This one is pink, more of a dark rose. It turned out REALLY cute. You'll have to excuse my disgruntled model. This was the about the 800th hat I had put on her in the last week. She had had about enough. But, I love it and wanted to share!

Until net time my faithful followers!

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