Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time is flying but dragging...

So I've been a busy bee! School is done and I've have had to finally BREATH. I got my grades back today, I got two A's and two B's so I retain my 3.50 GPA. I wish I had gotten an A in my Juvenile Delinquency class, but the class was so poorly organized, I am perfectly content with my B. I have about a week and a half until the summer session start so I'm taking advantage of my free time.

During my time off, I've been super busy creating things! Below you will see some new booties I've whipped up. I like them because they are super cute and super quick to make! There are so many possibilities with colors. I got the pattern from a book I picked up at Joann's but altered it to make them cuter! They are made out of 100% cotton and come in different sizes and colors. I am going to be listing them on my Etsy as a choose your own color and size. I haven't seen any other booties like them on Etsy, so hopefully they will sell. :)

I got Brooke's 2 year pictures done. We went to Sears because that's where we went for her 1 year pictures, and those turned out really cute. We also get 20% off for being military, so that's nice as well. The girl who was taking her pictures was really good and I was super impressed with how well she did with Brooke. I was worried Brooke wouldn't be smiling in any of her pictures, but she did!

My dad has been up here for about two weeks now. In a past post I had written about all the ways he has been keeping himself busy. He is still at it. Right now he is running around town looking for things to fix my Honda. He was at the junk yard and found a muffler and now he's running to Home Depot and the auto store to put it on. My dad is so handy to have around. :) I will miss him when he goes.

A couple of days ago we went out of town on some sight seeing. My dad had read about the Bore Tide and wanted to see it for himself. We only drove about 40 minutes outside of Anchorage, but it was amazing to see how the scenery changed so dramatically. All of a sudden we were surrounded by water and mountains. It was so beautiful it was breathtaking. When we got to our point of interest, the bore had already come and gone, so we're going to try and go back to see it. But while we were there, we drank in the scenery and took some great picture.

We also went to the Anchorage Zoo. It's a lot smaller than the Como Zoo and Minnesota Zoo in Minnesota, but it was just the right size for Brooke. She loved seeing all of the animals and talked about each one. Below is a picture of Grandpa and Brooke checking out the sea lions. She thought they were pretty neat.

My dad has this habit of making new friends where ever he goes. He met this Christian biker couple on the plane from Chicago to Anchorage and gave them my number. So when I was at school one day I get a call on my phone from a number I've never seen. I answer it out of curiosity and it turns out it was this couple my dad had met. The husband and wife wanted to meet Brooke and I and bring us some moose meat. They showed up on their motorcycles and Brooke thought they were the neatest thing.

Other than that, not a whole lot has been going on. The weather has been beautiful. It was really warm for a couple of days but it cooled down a couple of days ago. It's still sunny so it's pretty nice out.

I got a new cell phone. I got the Samsung Impression. I love it. I may have jumped the gun on the phone, but my iPhone has been irritating me so I thought a new phone was in the cards. So far I really like it. It has a full slide out Qwerty keyboard and it also has a touch screen keyboard as well. We'll see if I like the new update they're supposed to be releasing in the next couple months. Who knows, I may switch back to the iPhone and sell this one on Ebay. They're selling for quite a bit so we'll see. Isn't the new phone pretty though?
Alright. I should get going. :)


Jazzy Jemz said...

Yay for good grades! I love the photos by Sears. Brooke is so photogenic! Enjoy your last few days of dad visiting!!!

Karen said...

The booties are super cute !