Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School, toddlers and yarn oh my!

School started Monday. I have one class until the end of June, then I have two. Right now I have Technical Writing. The class load seems like a lot, so hopefully I do okay this session. It seems like an interesting class so I hope I enjoy it.

Brooke and I had such a good dinner the other night. I got us shrimp which I sauteed in butter, garlic and lemon juice, then we had rice and CORN ON THE COB! Brooke's favorite is corn on the cob. She has loved it since she was able to eat. Fred Meyers had gotten some in, so I went and bought a couple of ears. Brooke loved me for the rest of the day. ;-)

My daughter cracks me up sometimes. She also surprises me with her creativity. She got some Little People from her grandparents for her birthday and she LOVES playing with them. The other day she was lining up all of the Little People. First she lined them up in a line one behind the other...

And admired her work...

And then she lined them up in a line the long way all facing the same way. I'm impressed that they were all meticulously lined up. She took her time making sure they were all facing the right way. Her intelligence and creativity is so amazing.

I've been looking for a good slouch hat crochet pattern. I bought a couple off Etsy, but I didn't like the way they were working up... However, I did a search for free ones posted online (which I should have tried first) and found this one. I think they turned out so cute!

The first one I worked up was with Vanna's Choice. (BTW, these are worked up just as the pattern says, and they seems to look cute on toddlers as well!)

I wasn't quite enamored with the way the hat came out with the Vanna's Choice, so I went and bought some Cotton Ease instead. They turned out so much cuter!!! You have to love my model, she looks so thrilled to be getting her picture taken.

I love the way the slouch hats looks, and they are so very IN right now!!! I can't wait to go get more yarn (I got a coupon from Joann's for 10% my total purchase in the upcoming week or so) so I can make more. They didn't take very much time to work up. I think I may try and make a toddler sized ones, they may sell well on Etsy and Artfire!

**EDIT** I made up the beanie in a true toddler size! It turned out WAY cute and looks even better now that the size is especially made for a toddler! I can't wait to go get more colors!

And I had to post this picture as well of my little hat model. Sometimes the facial expressions are just too much. :) How did I end up with such an adorable daughter???

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