Monday, June 8, 2009

Adorable Tutus!

What a weekend! We had a wonderful one.

We went to a carnival that was on post yesterday. It was smaller than I thought it was going to be, but Brooke got to ride a couple of rides. This was the first time she went on a ride by herself, and she did really well! She sat down the whole time and threw a fit when we left.

I started a new craft. TuTus! started carrying tulle, and they were having a 10% off introductory sale, so I thought I would buy a few spools and try it out. I could never understand why people charge so much for them, now I know why. They take forever! You have to measure it out, cut the strips, and then wrap it around the ribbon or elastic. Yikes. The pictures below is the of the first tutu I have ever made. It took me forever. I will NOT be selling this one...

I finally went online and took a look at a tutorial on YouTube and the way the lady described it on there made it seem a lot less complicated. So I tried again. I got 5/6 of the way done and I ran out of pink tulle! So now I have it hanging up in my closet waiting to be finished.

And then I had an epiphany! If the spools came 6 inches wide, did they come 3 inches wide??? They sure did! I found a supplier online, ordered a butt load and now I only have to cut them length wise! So much simplier. I'm so lazy.

I'm hoping to sell the tutus for a pretty reasonable price. I'm thinking around $15. I also want to have a good stock for the craft shows coming up, because what princess doesn't want a princess tutu???

And so the week beings tomorrow. Back to school. I have homework to turn in that I haven't finished. And I still need to take the garbage out. Crap.

Well guys, I'm off! Night!


djStoreRoom said...

Its beautiful.. I may need to make a tutu too, in future.. My young lady is starting ballet on friday... :)

Jazzy Jemz said...

Very cute tutu!!