Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My daughter got in a fight with the coffee table and lost...big time.

It's a good thing we didn't name our daughter Grace, because she was born with NONE of it. I had told Eric that when our daughter was born, we would more than likely have to wrap her in bubble wrap and adorn her head with a football helmet, just to keep her from breaking. I was pretty much right on. She has had more than her share of spills, and this is the result from the last one. Brooke is a little dare devil, and sometimes she doesn't use her best judgment. This afternoon she was sitting on her super cool trike that daddy bought her for her birthday and started rocking. Bad idea. Next thing you know, she tips over sideways and all I can do is gasp. I can see her poor little face/neck/head heading towards the corner of our coffee table and I know that a booboo is inevitable. I was down on the floor before she hit (too far away to prevent said ouchie) and was right there to gather her in my arms and assess the damage. Her neck got the brunt of it, and it got it pretty good. She screamed for a good 2 minutes, wiped her boogers onto my shoulder and then walked away. I can say that this kid has about a 2 second rebound rate. Below are pictures of the damage. Poor kid.

I went to Old Navy today because I was lucky enough to snag one of the $50 off $100 coupons from their oldnavyweekly.com site. I had purchased these really cute brown shoes from Payless a couple of weeks ago and realized that I had NOTHING to wear them with. So I went to ON today with Jenn and brought her a 30% off $50 or more coupon. My bill went from $105 to $55. How nice is that? I got a brown skirt and a few t-shirts. I now have enough t-shirts to outfit a new ON. I still would like to gt a couple of brown dresses so I can wear my new shoes more often. :) BUT, I have an awesome summer wardrobe that I'm super excited about.

My Just Cavalli purse was due to arrive today, so while I was at ON I left a note on my front door, just in case they came to deliver when I was gone. My note read, "UPS-Please leave package at door. Thanks!" But they didn't come when I was gone. But they DID come right when Brooke woke up from her nap! The purse is A LOT bigger than I expected, but I love it! It will be perfect for going anywhere since there's enough room in it for everything we need. I mean, a $530 purse for $208?? Cheaper than Coach. :) There could be a few more pockets, but I'll deal. Haha :)

I went on a clip making spree yesterday. I really like the little ribbon tie added to the clip. It gives it just a little something extra. I really didn't feel like doing homework, so I created instead! I love the colors and plan on listing them over the next week or so. The first set I've listed in my Artfire Shop. They're very reasonable at only $3 for the set. Great for gifts in great summer colors!

I also wanted to remind you that my etsy Team, etsyBABY, is having a Customer Appreciation Sale. There are quite a few shops participating in this and it runs from June 1- June 15. I am participating as well. You can see the list of shops and discounts here.

Now I have to figure out what the heck I'm going to make for dinner. Suggestions anyone?

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