Thursday, June 4, 2009

A sick baby is a cranky baby...

My daughter has a cold. Or allergies. All I know is that she woke up with booger in her eyelids (not eye boogers, nose boogers), has had a runny nose all day, sneezing and her eyes are watering. I hope it's allergies. I gave her some allergy medicine, and her eyes have stopped watering. I hope she takes a good nap. She went swimming at daycare yesterday and one of our friends has a cold, so she may have gotten it from those things. Jeez I hope not. A sick Brooke is a cranky Brooke. And a cranky Brooke is a cranky mommy.

And on top of a sick toddler, my washing machine decided to be a brat. I threw a load of Brooke's darks in the washer last night. I noticed that the washing machine was making this weird buzzing noise, but I ignored it. Bad idea. I forgot to throw her stuff in the dryer last night, so when I went down this morning I found the water had not drained. So I thought that if I ran the washer again it may drain. Wrong. So after several attempts I finally have up and went and rinsed every item in the sink and rung them out before I threw them in the drier. Gah. So then I ran the washer with nothing in it to see if it would drain, and it did. So I don't know. I think I'll throw a few of my t-shirts in there to see if it happens again. I hope it doesn't. I mean, it isn't our washer, so I would have to call our landlord, and my house isn't the cleanest right now, so I don't want to call him over here. Ha. Eh.

Yesterday I went over to Jenn and Jasmine's for park time and dinner. Jenn made us shrimp alfredo and it was yummo! We also took the girls to the park and Brooke had a blast as usual. She went down the biggest slide and loved it! She sure loves to climb things. There was a curved ladder leading up to a platform, and she must have climbed that thing at least 20 times in a row. She's not so graceful on her feet, but she sure can maneuver up things like a pro.

This Saturday there's a carnival on post. Jenn and I are going to take the girls. There are free rides and such, so I think it will be a good time for all!

I finally made up a couple of adult slouch beanies. I bought a foam head off EBay to help model it. I wish they made kid sized foam heads, but they don't. Anyways, I thought it turned out cute. I would like to sell it, but I don't know about listing it in my Bows For Baby shop, since this isn't for a baby. Maybe I could do a "Mommy and Me" listing. I'm a little sad that the toddler version isn't selling better. I think they're super adorable. They have been hearted on Etsy a couple of times, but no bites!

Alright. I should get some lunch into my child and get her down for a nap. I have homework to do, and a washing machine to fix.

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