Friday, June 26, 2009

Come on summer!

My second summer class started. I'm taking math, and it's going to be a busy class. It's two hours a day, Monday through Thursday. Then I have my English class for two hours on Monday and Wednesday. For the next month I will be up to my ears in homework. They changed my professor out too. I had signed up with a professor who gave homework, but it was optional. This professor assigns homework and all of the problems are worth a certain amount of points, AND they're the evens, so the answers are not in the back so you can check if you got it right or not. Blech.

I will have to wait until my upgrade date in order to get the new phone. They're all sold out and they don't know when they're going to get a new stock. So when my date comes up in July, I'll have to call and if they haven't gotten a new shipment in yet, I'll have to order it off of Apple or AT&T. I hate waiting. I am so impatient when it comes to things I want NOW. I'm spoiled. And FYI for anyone who has my phone number, Eric and I will be changing our phone numbers in the near future to Alaska numbers. My Louisiana phone number is just a constant reminder of the fact that we lived there. Ack.

Brooke's final two year molar is finally breaking through the gum. Yay! I wonder if she'll get her twelve year molars when it's time. I never got all of mine, and I never got wisdom teeth either. My dentist said I was evolution. Haha. I think Brooke is starting to get a trace of her daddy's nose. I'm looking at her profile, and it's starting to not look like mine so much from the side. From the front is still does, but it seems like hers sticks out a bit further.

I finally got my Gina, George, & Lucy messenger bag. I love it. It's so cute and the best part, the gagillion pockets!!! It has so much room, but isn't too big. Best bag ever. :)

Below are some pictures I took of Brooke the other day. I made a small korker bow to match a dress I bought at Old Navy. You'll have to excuse the mismatching hoodie, it was a but chilly that day, but Brooke insisted on wearing a dress. :) That's my girly girl!

The one below has to be one of my favorites. I love the random facial expressions I capture.

Brooke was grooving out to the music. When she dances, she does not hold back.

Below are some bows I've been working on. They turned out super cute, now I just have to get them all listed. :)

The clip below is a crochet flower clip. I crocheted the flower myself. :)

Alright. I should get going. Hope this entertained you!

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Penelope Anne said...

OMG! Your little Miss is so gorgeous! I dont know how you feel about her modeling...but if she does - please let me know - (((WOW)))