Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old Navy Obsession...

I have an Old Navy Obsession...do that have an Old Navy Anonymous? I guess I can blame it on OldNavyWeekly.com. Coupons are the death of me. Especially the ones that are $50 off $100 purchase. I have gotten them two weeks in a row now. I have Old Navy clothes coming out of my years. But I am quite proud of my bargain today. I saved $179 on clothes, that's more than I spent! If I hadn't gotten a discount, the total would have been around $400. How did I save so much? Well, all of the mens items were 50% off and then if you add in my $50 off, that's about 70% in savings. I didn't pay over $11 for anything. I bought so many clothes I had to utilize my rippling muscles (or is it fat?) to carry all of my bargains out to the car. Eric, if you're reading this, your loving wife bought you 2 pairs of cargo shorts, 4 new pairs of jeans, a couple of polo shirts and numerous t-shirts. You have a whole new wardrobe. :) Love me even more? I went with Jenn, and she saved $125 on her lot. Pretty good eh?

I made new tutu! I did this last night when I should have been doing homework. I ran out of pink and black for my last tutu, so this is my first completed tutu, and it turned out tutu cute! I named it Blueberries and Chocolate.

So cute don't you think?

Ok, I'm off to make dinner!

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LadyK said...

I just stopped by to let you know that you've gained a mention on my blog, Twisted Thicket Studio's - Mouse Trails. I've passed on an award to you for having a lovely blog. :) Congratulations!