Sunday, June 21, 2009


I deleted my Giveaway post because ONE person had entered. ONE. (To that person who entered, if you would like a free bow, message me and I'll send you one.) How frustrating is that? I totally thought it would be a big hit. It was $10 to my shops, not bad! There's a lot of things for under $10 in my shop and you could definitely buy more than one thing! I feel like an ignored failure, and my confidence in my items has plummeted. This has never happened.

My shop is really slow going right now. It picked up a bit in the beginning of June, but that was only because I was running a sale through CafeMom, so a couple of moms took advantage of that. I just don't understand it. I think I have some really cute stuff up. I have several beanies, lots of korkers and simple clips. I have bug bows and pinwheel bows. There are just too many bow sellers on Etsy and I get lost on the crowd. I love Art Fire, but the client base just isn't the same as Etsy. I'm getting frustrated. I can't wait for the craft shows this late summer and fall. I know I'll be stressing to build my inventory but I know I'll love the outcome!

I've made a whole bunch new bows, so I'll have to take pictures and post them. They're all mini korkers and super cute!

I start my Monday-Thursday classes this Thursday. I have a good month of classes everyday, with four hours of classes Monday and Wednesday. This should be interesting...I had been planning on taking a look at my math book this weekend, but got sidetracked by the hair bows, so I didn't. I'll do it this next week and next weekend. I have plenty of time since my friend has gone down to the lower 48 for a couple of weeks. :)

I really don't have much else to say. It's been a little cloudy here lately. I've been waiting for a nice day to break out Brooke's pool, but no such luck. Every time we enter the garage she says, "My pool! My pool!" Poor kid. It's sitting there just teasing her.

Alright. I should get going!


HaffinaCreations said...

I'm really sorry that happened to you. ((hugs)) You have really great bows.
Good luck with your classes.

Tami said...

Sorry only one person entered. I was going to enter but I have already won before.Your clippies and bows are awesome and my dd loves the ones she got from you!

djStoreRoom said...

Kels, I am sorry that you felt so disapointed at the giveaway.. I just saw your forum post at cafemom and came over..

Setting up a giveaway is indeed an exciting event for us. But, the contest had to be promoted really vigorously for it to be a success. I did that and thats it! Only 1 giveaway event so far..

What I am doing now is simply a 'enter your email address into my mailing list program' and I will pick a winner each month. This will help me get my mailing list in place, while getting people to visit my blog, while holding a simple contest each month..

Its less work for me now in terms of management.. Plus, I get to promote whenever I like, since I am not stressed by checking the number of entries and all that..

Hope this idea helps.