Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm dreaming about algebraic expressions

I am so inundated with math that I'm dreaming about numbers and solving algebraic expressions. Someone save me! I have only been in this class for three days, but it comes to a total of six hours. Wow. I have math class tomorrow, but no English.

I have no idea what Brooke and I are going to do for 4th of July. It doesn't get dark until after midnight, so fireworks are out of the question. It's not like she'll know it's a holiday, but oh well. Maybe we can do something fun next year when she's more aware and daddy's home.

I snapped these pictures of her the other day. I think they turned out super cute. When Brooke gets out of the tub, sometimes I braid her hair. I love to unbraid it the next morning because it's all wavy, totally 80's style. :)

The, "Mommy, I'm not listening to you" face.

Showing me her shapes that she put in her doll's pillowcase by dumping them all over the floor so mommy can step on them later.

She may look innocent...but mommy's not fooled.

This is the result of me saying, "Brooke! Smile!" Do you think she could look any more Korean?

And this is the exaggerated smile...She can't even see.

I ordered some embellishments to make into clippies, and I think they turned out super cute. Now I just wish someone would buy them! Otherwise, I'm stuck with a gagillion of them.

I took the picture above to show how CUTE they look in. :)

I'm off to do some more number crunching. Yay. My life is so exciting.


Penelope Anne said...

The clippies are rock out fab! And Brooke is killin me with her faces! I LOVE IT! Look at those cheeks! omg!!! What a doll!

Lukesmommy25 said...

Your daughter is such a doll! I can't believe it doesn't get dark there till midnight! That would be cool! Keep up the good work on the blog, it is fun to read!

Kara Witham said...

Awwww, so cute :)

btw, hello, I came by your blog by clicking on Etsy as our interest, if you get the chance, pop on by my blog and tell us: "What do you want?" http://dish-dish-dish.blogspot.com/


Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

those are so stinkin cute! Your daughter is such a doll too!

Nikki said...

i'll buy some - I'll check out your website. Sarah looks super cute with your bows in. I feel lucky she's got enough hair to do it.