Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost as stupid as Louisiana...

So. Eric has his Newcomers Brief today. He goes to one at every new base we're stationed at. And he brings home a whole slew of information. One thing was that I HAVE to get an Alaska drivers license. Not so bad right? But I have to take a test in order to get it!!!! It's some written drivers test and I have to pass it in order to get a license here. Well, what happens if I don't pass it? I'm SOL? I'm not too happy about that. I like my MN drivers license and am very content with where I came from. :) I'm almost half tempted to say screw it and not get one, but I know I'll be worse off if I get into a car accident or pulled over. I may just have to bite the bullet and quit my bitching. I really don't want to though. That and when am I going to have time??? My daycare lady doesn't take anyone on Friday. So my only other option is to either find a sitter for a Friday or do it in the afternoon sometime Monday-Thursday. ANNOYING. Another thing that can kiss my ass...I have to get a sticker on my car saying it's safe to drive and is unlikely to break down on the side of the road. HA. I have a 2003 Camry, I think it'll be just fine. I don't understand why they can't make that law for cars that are under a certain year. More money I have to shell out.

I went grocery shopping today. My usual $200 grocery bill was $300. All of the prices here are so ridiculously high, I can barely afford to buy food! I hope it was a little high because I bought bulk meat, another 2 packs of diapers and some halibut. I HOPE. Because at this rate, we'll be eating ramen everyday for every meal. Won't that be delicious?

I got a large order for bows today from one of my Louisiana playgroup friends. :) Her family PCS'd to Ft. Rucker. We sure miss them. She placed the order this morning and I was able to ship it this afternoon! I hope she likes them and passes me on! My sales are starting to pick up thank goodness. Hopefully it will keep going this way. It sure keeps me busy, along with school and my daughter.

Well that was a quick little snippet. I really should go work on my history paper. My husband took my daughter to go pick one of our friends up from the airport. He is PCSing here and got in tonight. His plane landed at 7:30 and it's almost 9:30. The peanut's bedtime was at 8, so we'll see how she fares when she gets home. Straight to bed with her!!!

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