Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today started out stressful...

But has turned around dramatically! This morning after I dropped Brooke off I realized I had left my Psychology quiz at home. So I had to go all the way home, get it and then get to school on time. When I got to school I parked in the parking lot that was closest to my last class, Psychology. The nice thing was, CLASS WAS CANCELED! The suck part was, now I was parked in a totally inconvenient place. :) My Humanities class was good. We have presentations coming up on Thursday, so we worked in our groups. At the end of the class she gave back our first concept papers, and I got an A-!!! I was so excited! I wasn't sure how well I would do, so it was nice to see such a promising grade. This sets the mood for the class. Everyone has said that she grades really hard, so I know I'm capable of doing good things in this class. :)

After class I went home and studied. Brooke was staying at Danielle's until after nap so I could really focus. I finished my Sociology quiz so that was good. Then I tried studying History but I kept getting distracted. Horrible. 

I picked up the peanut and we went to get groceries in the rain. Yuck. Cold and wet. 

On another good note, I got a message on myspace from a shop owner in Louisiana. She was very impressed with my hair bows and wants to carry them in her store! I would send them to her listing what prices I wanted on what bows, she would then mark them up and give me what I want and take the difference. Sounds fair! I would price them how they are priced on Etsy, and then she can do what she wants. I think this would be a better fit than Everitte's because she isn't very good about sending me my money. That and she started  making her own bows so I'm not to keen on competition. I think I may pull the rest of my bows from Everitte's and have them sent to Rustic Star. We shall see!

And one more AWSOME thing. Brooke has this lovey that she's had since she was a baby. She's VERY attached to it and will not sleep without it. Eric and I have bought her 4 other loveys in hopes that she takes to one of them as well, with no avail. She got her lovey as a gift, so I had no idea what store it came from. Well, genius me decided to see who made it. I googled it and they have a website!! And the GREAT news is that they had them in stock still! So I ordered two to be on the safe side. They were very cheap so that makes me happy as well. Hopefully she takes to them as well as she took to her other one!!!

Alright. That's good. :)

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