Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So much too do in so little time...

So. My house smells because my daughter found a piece of paper on the floor, ate it, then puked it all up. Along with her breakfast. I knew the house smelled all day, but I didn't know what from. I took the garbage out thinking it was that. Nope. It wasn't until last night when my husband tells me Brooke had thrown up on the floor. The only time I could think she would have done it was when I was in the shower...Oh baby. No now...the stink residue is still there. ::sigh::

I've been trying to promote my bows. It hasn't been working very well. I've had a couple of orders, but it's pretty pathetic. I know I don't make ugly bows... I've seen some bows where you just go "wow, that's bad" and they have more sales than me!!! What's their secret??? I have so many different styles and I keep my prices VERY competitive, cheaper than most! Especially for the quality. I mean shoot, , how cute are those?! (I did those last night because I was super stressed...watching 90210). Someone send me some business! I LOVE making them, and love to see other kids wearing them even more. I am determined!

I'm in my second week of school. My classes are kicking my ass. Well, all but one. History, humanities and psychology are really keeping my busy. So much reading and taking notes. Holy cow. I have so much to do this weekend. The husband better keep the daughter entertained!!! Haha.

Alright. I should go and try and get this stink out of the carpet. SO GROSS.

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