Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another week gone...

This was a short week for school. We had Monday and Tuesday off due to Labor day and since I don't have classes Friday, I only had two days of school. I have plenty of school work to do this weekend, including typing a paper for one of my classes. thank god it was an easy paper (or so I thought). We'll see how the paper grades...HA.

Brooke is getting so big. I can't believe all of the milestones she reaches everyday. She signs, talks, throws temper tantrums, runs, jumps, laughs,'s amazing! I took her to Office Max today to get a couple of photo mailers and I let her just walk on her own. She LOVED it. She loved the freedom. There was a lot of "Brooke, put that back!", and "Brooke! Come walk next to mommy!". But she listened. Haha.

I have been working on a couple of orders. I had a lovely buyer buy 12 simple clips and a pumpkin clip. I also have a custom order for 6 clips, 6 simple bows, 3 ladybug bows and a Christmas Tree clip. :) Let's hope this keeps up! I will be a very busy lady with school, Brooke and bows. I guess it could be, books, Brooke, and bows! The three B's. Ha.

We're having people over Saturday night. It's so odd having people over. In Louisiana our house was such a crap house that we were embarrassed to have people over. But now that we have an awesome house, we're excited to have people over! I'll be making baked ziti. YUM. It's Eric's favorite.

Alright, I need to go finish these bows. Ciao!

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