Sunday, September 7, 2008

Motivate me!

I am so unmotivated right now. I should be working on my history paper, but my mind is completely blank. I did write my Humanities paper though, so I wasn't completely useless today. I finally said "screw it", and went to make some bows for Brooke. She has all these cue little outfits and no bows of her own to match, so I took care of a few of them. I still have some more colors to incorporate, but this is a good start! I also realized Brooke needs more long sleeved shirts for this winter. And I'm going to have to start looking for more 2T jeans. She's already growing out of her 18 month jeans!!! Holy heck. I cannot keep up with that girl!

Last night we had one of Eric's co-workers over with his wife. It was a lot of fun and we felt proud of where we lived! I made baked ziti, caesar salad and garlic bread. It went over very well. :) Then Stone's wife took me to BINGO! It was soooo much fun, I'm going to have to go back and do it again. I didn't win, but it was an inexpensive way to have a little fun and get out of the house! I now need to find a regular babysitter so I can take Eric. :) We'll double our chances of winning, right? Haha.

I'm not really looking forward to school in the upcoming weeks. I was sort of spoiled because we had one full week, then two days off so that meant a two day school week last week. Our next break doesn't come until Thanksgiving. Holy busy. Eric will be gone the majority of November, so will get to see what it will be like when Eric's deployed. YIKES!

Ok, I should go motivate myself. Here's a couple of cute pictures from when Eric was playing outside with Brooke this morning. Enjoy!

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Lukesmommy25 said...

I know what you mean about your little one needing some clothes for winter/fall, Luke needs a whole new wardrobe again! Man they grow so fast!