Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Saturday

My daughter and her daddy are sitting side-by-side watching The Backyardigans together. Too cute. I'm going to miss seeing this when he deploys.

Last night I made an impulse purchase. My husband found out where he was going exactly when he deploys. Turns out he'll be able to have Internet access in his room, so I thought he could take my laptop and I could get a new one. The one he'd be taking has a web cam so he'll be able to video chat with us and see both myself and our peanut. So I've been wanting an Apple computer for awhile now, but since I just bought this laptop a little over a year ago, I thought it ridiculous to buy another computer so soon after. But now that I had a REASON, I bought one last night. 0_o. Isn't it pretty?!!?! It's just the simple Macbook, but the most expensive one. I bought it off of Aafes, so we'll see how long it takes to get here. :) My friend from Louisiana, who then moved to Alaska, and now she lives in Colorado with her fiancee, said she would send me Office for Mac. How nice was that?! I'm super excited to get it and review it. :)
This morning I went tanning and chopped three inches off of my hair. Yikes! It's super cute though when I style it. It's still pretty cute when I don't, but so cute!!! I always feel like I'm going bald when my hair gets too long.
We are now watching Jon and Kate plus 8. LOVE that show!!
Alright. I'm off to watch my favorite show!!!!

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