Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Procrastination is a DISEASE!!!

Seriously, someone needs to kick my ass into high gear. I have a bit of breathing room in my classes this week, but that doesn't mean I should completely check myself out right???

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I was waiting for the moving company all afternoon to come pick up our empty boxes. I finally called the company and they said they had called the number that was provided to them (which was my husband's) and no one answered, therefore did not come pick up the boxes. So, I called my husband and gave him an earful. Common sense, you give the phone number of whoever is going to be present when they people come!!! DUH. I had so much to do, and I wasted a whole afternoon. I hate wasting time. It's bothersome. So I got irritated, and decided I wasn't cooking dinner. We went to Hacienda (Mexican) and it was delish! Brooke HAD to keep dipping her chip into the salsa and threw a fit when we took it away. (She was a mess.) She's getting into that stage where everything has to be done on her terms and on her time. It's getting very frustrating since her coordination is still developing. But, she has to learn right?

So this morning I woke up, took a shower, and went down to get my screaming kid. I had school, and found a parking spot right away! That never happens on Tuesday and Thursdays...Had a good Humanities class. We learned about our group presentations. Wowza. Hopefully this isn't going to be more of a headache than I'm anticipating.

After Brooke woke up from her nap (I actually woke her up, which happens very rarely now), and dragged our asses into rush hour so I could get an estimate done on the damage the RV left when it decided to bulldoze us in the Fred Meyer parking lot. I went to three different buildings before I found the right one. When I worked for a dealership, all this crap was in the same building! What a novel idea!!! Turns out, the damage is $2700 worth. Ouch. What sucks though is that we had gotten hit in the same area about two years ago. We had it fixed. Well, when we got hit THIS time, my husband noticed that when it was fixed last time, they didn't replace the part they said they were going to replace, they just bondo'd it. So, they took our money and didn't do the work. So I called the shop today, guess what?! They're out of business!!! HOLY SHIT! Big suprise! So I told the lady, we want our money back. She gave me the run around for about 10 minutes, I had enough of it and just point blank told her, we want the money. So she's going to look for our paperwork and get back to me tomorrow. Yeah right. This evening I emailed the estimate to the insurance company of the RV that hit me. I also told them I need a rental car because I have a toddler and I go to school FT. :) I don't think she liked that much, but what are you going to do?!

On another note, I was featured in TWO Treasuries on Etsy! It's the first time I've known of some of my stuff being featured, but it makes me all warm inside. but now for the life of me, I can't find which ones they are so I can't post links. Dangit.

Alright. I better get my ass in gear.

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