Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am all homeworked out...

I had to take a break from my homework, my brain feels like it's going to fry. I have a huge psychology test coming up, so I know I'll have to buckle down and get crackin' on cramming. Yuck.

I pulled all my bows from Everitte's and sent them down the street to Rustic Star. Rustic Star is a consignment shop where different vendors put their wares up for sale. The owner actually emailed me and wanted to sell my bows there. She said that they were the best quality and the best made she'd ever seen. She said that she gets a lot of customers in asking if she has bows and she thinks that mine would do really well. She has a couple of other vendors that sell their bows there, but she thinks mine are a lot better. :) That made me feel good. So I had a friend of mine pull all of the bows from Everitte's and bring them to Rustic Star. The owner said she hadn't even had them a day and already sold six. She was trying to organize then and customers kept coming up and inquiring about them. She seems a lot more organized than the girl at the other shop, so I'm really looking forward to working with her. I have a lot of bows here that I need to ship to her, about 100+. I've spent the last couple of days inventorying and getting them priced accordingly. I am waiting on some personalized postcards from Vista Print that I'll be using as bow cards. I ordered close to 1000, so we'll see how long it takes. Then I have to cut the slits in them and get them mounted. I am excited. I've been making a lot of LSU colored bows because she says they sell really well. I hope to have a good batch of them sent to her so I can just send her steady streams of bows here and there, but she'll have a good inventory on hand.

I'm sure I'll write later, but I need to go wake-up my husband and daughter. Haha.

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