Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's a good day!!!

I got my MacBook! I'm typing on it right now! It's HALF the size of my toshiba, and I love it!!! It's so cute. It will take some time to get used to the different formatting, but so far so good! Right now I'm transferring all my files, pictures and music from one to the other. I'm sure I'm doing it the slow way, but it has to be done. Eric is going to be taking my old laptop (not really old, we've had it for about a year and a half) and will bring it to Afghanistan with him. Now both of our computers have a webcam so we can chat online when he's over there. :)

I have a lot of homework this weekend. I have to get my history paper done. I have a feeling I'm not going to do so well on this one, but hopefully I'll get at least a passing grade.

There's not much I have to write about, so I'm going to cut this short. MUAH!

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